Checks by Phone (TEL)


A TEL entry is a single-entry or recurring debit to a consumer’s account. A TEL entry may only be used when there is a relationship between the consumer and the Originator. For instance, a consumer and originator have an agreement in place for goods or services, (e.g., the consumer has an insurance policy with the Originator), or the consumer has purchased goods or services from the Originator within the past two years.


An Originator using a voice response unit (VRU) or automated response unit (ARU) to capture the consumer’s authorization for TEL entry must understand that key entered responses entered by the consumer do not qualify as oral authorization. A VRU or ARU may be used to key enter data, provided that the actual authorization is provided orally.

Solution- How It Works

Affirmative provides a Web-based CSR page used for collecting and entering payment information from the consumer. Originators that have existing relationships with their consumers should also verify the customer account number and perhaps a shared secret or 4-digit code.

Affirmative can provide additional risk tools such as data validation for ensuring the bank information is accurate and proper ACH routing information, along with additional authentication services.

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