WebPayHub™ is designed for Billers who have their own customer facing applications requiring a flexible settlement platform. Affirmative’s application includes fraud and risk tools for monitoring high volume of incoming and outgoing transactions, greatly reducing error-prone and costly manual analysis and intervention.

What it Provides

This one of a kind payment platform provides billers greater control with an overall settlement and return management cycle. There is an immediate return on investment with expediting funds availability and streamlining the overall return management process by receiving FED notification within 24-48 hours of the original payment. This solution is a fully integrated back-end ACH settlement engine, making this a seamless transition to your end-customers.

A Solution Designed for Alternative Payments

  • Bank and Third Party Processor Agnostic
  • Immediate Return files from ACH Operator
  • End to End Data Tokenization
  • Supports Batch File Drop and Web service
  • Automated customer boarding / enrollment
  • Automated Return Representment
  • Advanced Risk and Reporting Tools

Affirmative’s WebPayHub™ provides a robust end-to-end back end electronic processing and settlement engine designed for billers or payment aggregators requiring advanced settlement and returns management options. The application is designed for multi-merchant settlement features based on rules-based parameters assigned by day of the week, month and dollar amount. WebPayHub™ is designed for companies that call for file batch processing or using Affirmative’s Web Services allows companies and aggregators to send payment instructions as well as automating customer/merchant boarding process. Affirmative’s Web service application interface (API) provides advanced payment features and functionality that can easily be integrated into any existing application.

Reduce IT Costs

Using Web services, there is no software language, operating system, or platform barriers. This means existing investment in your applications can be used in conjunction with Affirmative’s WebPayHub™ functionality. Regardless of the payment channel intake- whether it’s a mobile application or browser based, WebPayHub™ Web services can be used on the back-end to facilitate payment processing.


This one of a kind solution provides a direct biller the necessary payment settlement tools for connecting directly to one or more financial institutions, streamlining your operations and reducing costs associated with outsourcing to an external provider.