Returned Check Processing (RCK)

What is Returned Check Processing?

Often referred to as electronic representment (RCK); recovers funds from returned checks by submitting the check electronically to the check writer’s bank account. Electronic Representment will give you faster bad check recovery, resulting in 20 to 30% higher recovery rates and lower bank fees.


Does your business experience several returned consumer checks from your depository bank monthly for insufficient funds or uncollected and is interested in collecting your bounced checks in-house electronically? Are you incurring bank fees that range from $5 up to $15 for re-depositing bounced checks? If the answer to either question asked is yes, then we have the optimal software solution that is easy to use and can increase your overall collection rates; ultimately improving your bottom line.

Solution- How it Works

Affirmative’s RCK merchant capture solution allows the merchant to electronically re-present NSF checks twice, giving you up to three opportunities to recover your funds, including the original presentment of the item. Our software includes an option for the merchant to time re-presentments to coincide with likely consumer deposits, such as paydays, thereby increasing the likelihood of successful recovery.

The software allows you to manually key in payment related data or you may integrate software with a check MICR reader for minimizing any administrative errors due to manual entry.

Service Fee Recovery

In order to collect a service fee and stay compliant with NACHA Operating Rules and REG E, an Originator may satisfy the requirements for authorization of the Return Fee Entry by providing notice, at the time the original item is authorized or the original item is accepted, regardless of whether the account to be debited is a Consumer Account or a non-Consumer Account.

Once the RCK item is cleared the Originator can submit a separate transaction for collecting the service fee that is no greater than the amount permissible for the state the merchant is located in.