Layers of Security

Layers of Security

Multi-Factor Authentication image

Multi-Factor Authentication

Username and password, time-based one-time passwords, machine biometrics.

Fully Tested Environments image

Fully Tested Environments

Our software is tested by multiple independent third parties for security controls and defects.

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Our data centers are SOC III compliance.  They are equipped to handle large volumes of financial transactions, securely.

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We have clearly documented policies covering everything from Disaster Recovery and Security Incidents to Penetration Testing.

High Availability

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We operate fully redundant infrastructure including internet connections, firewalls, load balancers, and servers to ensure our systems are always running and always available.

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Our data centers are geographically dispersed to prevent outages from natural and man-made disasters.

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Leveraging SQL Server’s AlwaysOn and Failover Clustering, we are able to securely store your database in two locations simultaneously.

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Our network and systems are actively monitored twenty-four hours a day for unexpected activity.